Daughter of India!

Five years in a new country! The milestone I didn't  thought  would come so fast. It also lead to the next obvious step of applying for citizenship which means I needed to give up on Indian nationality. Dual citizenship as an Indian is still a distant dream for us. The process I was hesitant to... Continue Reading →

Elixir of life !

Living in northern hemisphere gives you this beautiful opportunity to enjoy the cycle of distinctive four seasons. And now it is time for my favourite one 🌷 Spring 2020 is the time that will be written as an unforgettable chapter in modern history. Even in this gloomy time of #corona outbreak, looking at the mother... Continue Reading →

When Sweden is burning hot!!

Lush green fields, pristine big lakes, dense forests, berries and wild flowers, active campsites, red summer houses full of relaxed happy people, grilling fests and almost everyone rushing to the beach! This is the picture of Sweden during summer week . Yes, I said weeks because Sweden usually never has months full of sunny weather.... Continue Reading →

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