Travelling to Sweden

Flying from India

It was the month of August and a very significant day for my homeland- 15th August, the Independence Day of India. Ironically we were getting “Independent” from our own country to travel, survive and hopefully thrive in the new terrine.
It was my very second international journey and so I was already excited to travel in Airbus a380!
OMG! what a gigantic it was! At 4 am, my sleepy eyes got wide open to see the engineering masterpiece! yeah.. too much exclamation  I know..but can’t help it.

The lavish journey of 14 hrs came to an end and there we were! I still remember that bright sunny day with the cold breeze, I was lucky to arrive at the best time in Sweden. The drive of Stockholm Airport to Västerås was the one I will remember for lifetime.

My very first glimpse of Scandinavia! The clear blue sky with soft cotton like clouds, those lush green fields, red and white country houses and the 18 hour shining sun. With my tired yet amazed eyes, I felt I went back to some Yash Chopra movie and the feeling was more sizzling with my sweetheart by my side, holding my hands lovingly.

 Temporary Staying- Hoping till we found home

If you are arriving after 5 pm then you will find your room ready with all instructions but do not expect any assistance from the reception staff. Yes, you read that correct! Almost all the offices and many shops (except grocery) will close down by evening. When we arrived, our room was ready with the instruction manual. There we go for the long lasting sleep!

Important to know

If you are looking for some temporary accommodation then you can go for Room Support (Studio apartments) or Ta Inn Hotel. They are in the middle of the city and good options until you get your house. However, they are quite expensive for long duration like 3-4 months, so you should plan accordingly. We had to be dependent on temporary apartments till we could finally arrange one for us.
I will be writing about my very first city visit in the next post.
Stay there!

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