And I start commuting…

Who wants to get up early  everyday and start getting ready with one eye constantly at the clock? Daily commute to work (‘pendling’ på svenska) is usually not considered to be so fun.

The stress level is directly proportional to the frequency of your mode of commute.

I have been commuting to work for almost 5 months now. The daily journey between Västerås and Eskilstuna has brought a new perspective to my lifestyle.

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Language Passport

via Daily Prompt: Passport

Do you speak more than 2 or 3 languages ? Then this is going to be an awesome information on your CV or resume.

You might have heard about Europass CV and cover letter, the standard format  used throught Europe to do job applications. It is not compulsory to do so but believed to be preferred by recruiters so it is easy for them to find information from standard format.

Moreover, the Language Passport is something you can always use. It is quite clear and structured way  to show your language skills. It is a self assessment tool to evaluate language level from A1 to C2 level. It is clearly defined how you should rate your skills which is standrad throughout Europe.

How to get it?

Go to

Click on Create your Language Passport online and start filling up details. You can later download it in Doc or pdf version. Below is the screenshot and example