And I start commuting…

Who wants to get up early  everyday and start getting ready with one eye constantly at the clock? Daily commute to work (‘pendling’ på svenska) is usually not considered to be so fun.

The stress level is directly proportional to the frequency of your mode of commute.

I have been commuting to work for almost 5 months now. The daily journey between Västerås and Eskilstuna has brought a new perspective to my lifestyle.

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Västkusten-Swedish west coasts..Next on list

It is nearly 2 years in Sweden now. And yet looks like there are many things left to explore. Västkusten aka west coasts of Sweden is one of them. It is popping up in  my mind since two days-first a small talk with my guy and then Instagram feed showing up pictures of the same area.

I have been to Gothenburg once for a short day trip and honestly the smell of the area is different. Looks like people are more enthusiastic, more colors in surroundings and a feel of livelihood. additionally, I would love to explore a vast area of islands , biking and may be try kayaking, visiting Lesiberg amusment park.

Here is a glims..

Some useful links:

Hoping to plan it soon..

How I define Iceland- 10 things that I loved the most!

It was only few years back when I did not even bother to see where this small country is located on world-map. My attention was drawn when I read that it has the highest happiest quotient and then saw those unbelievable landscape photographs.

Finally, I was lucky to get a week-long vacation in last August to Iceland. There are hundreds of blogs and articles, travel journals about tourism on internet. So, I have decided to list down the most appealing aspects that defines Iceland in my eyes.

Photo courtesy: Mihir Y. C.

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A year unfolded in Scandinavia

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

And this quote has again proved its essence in my life.

15th August 2016, when I marked my roller coaster journey of 365 days in this quite, calm and beautiful country. This has also been a time when I achieved those milestones in life which I even didn’t consider to have in bucket list! It has really been my saga of transformation from being ‘dreamer’ to ‘achiever’.

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Stockholm Outing (Part-I)

The very first thing you should do after reaching Sweden is , of-course to visit the capital city Stockholm. Also, largely known as the capital of Scandinavia.

So one fine morning in August, we happened to start ahead towards Stockholm- just 1.5 hr train journey from my city Västerås.  We took the morning train and came back by the evening one. This was the best way to get the first overview of the city. Returning back in the evening was decided because most of the attractions close down by 5 pm.

The train ride was quite comfortable having very less passengers due to the weekend. It was a beautiful bright sunny day and we got to see fine country side landscapes during the journey.

After getting down, it was easy to find tourist information desk at the central station. Among many SL ticket options including the city travel card, we chose to go with ‘pay as you go’ access card. The reason was we wanted to cover the nearby areas by walking only and get the feel of this city.

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Luxury of Bikes

How about living in a city that has clearly distinguished paths for cycle riders?

 You go out and see that there are only two type of private vehicles on the road – cycles and cars! This is was really a unique thing for me. After looking at so many bikes all around the city, I was super excited to get one for myself from the very first day 🙂

Buying a brand new good quality bike is going to be an expensive affair if someone is starting life here from scratch. It is again a better idea to try hands on used bike to see what are your daily needs, before buying a new one.

Also, I found that the style and break operation were different from the one I used in India. Here it takes little efforts to get used to the coaster breaks (foot breaks).

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Around the City

It is the time to just go out and see where I will be spending the coming years of my life. When I stepped out from the cozy apartment, the day was still bright. The sun was still shining up in the sky even at 6 pm and it felt as if the nature was just playing tricks with us.
The very first crossing seemed to be at the heart of the city, the ‘Times Square’ of  Västrås. It is the First Hotel Plaza, the tallest building of this town.  The fountains at the square was making the scene livewhen everything around seemed so silent. After staying in a country with 1.2 billion people, this place was just too quite and too different.

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