And I start commuting…

Who wants to get up early  everyday and start getting ready with one eye constantly at the clock? Daily commute to work (‘pendling’ på svenska) is usually not considered to be so fun.

The stress level is directly proportional to the frequency of your mode of commute.

I have been commuting to work for almost 5 months now. The daily journey between Västerås and Eskilstuna has brought a new perspective to my lifestyle.

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Västkusten-Swedish west coasts..Next on list

It is nearly 2 years in Sweden now. And yet looks like there are many things left to explore. Västkusten aka west coasts of Sweden is one of them. It is popping up in  my mind since two days-first a small talk with my guy and then Instagram feed showing up pictures of the same area.

I have been to Gothenburg once for a short day trip and honestly the smell of the area is different. Looks like people are more enthusiastic, more colors in surroundings and a feel of livelihood. additionally, I would love to explore a vast area of islands , biking and may be try kayaking, visiting Lesiberg amusment park.

Here is a glims..

Some useful links:

Hoping to plan it soon..

That was a beautiful spring!

When is the best time to visit Sweden? The obvious answer is summer. Well, I would agree partially..

The amazing nature never fails to surprise me. Each season has its own charm with ever changing landscapes. I am lucky this year to be able to go around and explore the distant areas of my city by car. So now I know, how much the colorful spring has to offer.

I was little unsure how my parents would feel here as they were vising us in mid April. would it be sunny and green? Is it going to be okay with little colder temperatures? But we were quite lucky to get around 15 degrees on average and reaching 24 degrees for a day or two.

Starting from lovely cherry blossoms followed by white floral trees (I dunno the names), the city was getting ready to become a floral bride. The wild yellow flowers adding an additional color dimension to the eye-catching lush green landscapes with red country houses. Parks and house gardens were blooming with colorful flowers some of which I didn’t know earlier. The sunny days were like blessings of sunlight coming from the heaven.

And yes, this year we did have an outing to Stockholm kungsträgården for the charming and mesmerizing cherry blossom. We need to pick the perfect week to see the full bloom. A little early is not so perfect and the green leaves starts coming out if we are late.

Soon it will be the peak of summer..beautiful but with more berries and less flowers.

It was indeed a lovely spring !

Easter celebrations..PÅSK

Spring is that amazing time of the year when everything seems like coming back to life. It is the time when I start awaiting for cherry-blossom. Long Friday is an another event to look forward that comes with Easter celebrations. Sweden celebrates Påsk as per Gregorian calendar which was yesterday, 16th April this year. It was welcomed by light snow showers and cold wind though..

Påskagg and Påskris are visible everywhere around during the Påsklov (Easter holidays)

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10 Things to know about Swedish culture

Another day of learning something more about Sweden. My visit to Uppsala University was informative and pleasant.

I would like to share a fun video about the very 10 things you need to know about Swedish culture. This was shared during my visit and thought it was worth sharing it for everyone who is trying to integrate in Swedish society.

Source: Eductus Filmer

Sliding on the snow..just begun

I have been boasting about winter fun in Sweden mostly in terms of beautiful nature and festive activities. But now it was the time to try something more than that to get the real feel of snow.

‘Åka skidor’ – this term was something I learned quite early as a result of it popularity as an iconic and expensive sport.

Skiing is definitely has never been in my bucket list until 2016. The interest was built up after listening to the stories of  first skiing experience of my guy; and boosted by doing-nothing-in-dark-days mode.

While I was watching training videos of down-hill skiing, I happened to try Cross-country skiing first. It was easy to rent ski props but kind of funny to carry them in local city bus..haha. while carrying them to tracks, it was like Jerry is stealing Tom’s skateboards.

The first challenge was to stop getting mini panic attacks when the skies are sliding more than expected length. I tried primary technique of cross-country and could get hold on it after doing some 1.5 km. Not to forget that falling down on slope was usual initially, as it was hard to understand if your skies are in parallel positions on uneven surfaces. Experience became more fun in the second round. Big thanks to my partner who made me learn this, though he himself is learning yet.


Weather plays a vital role so it is important to go there after fresh snow, when the tracks are not icy for the first experience.

It gives immense satisfaction for trying something that gives an opportunity to be one with nature. Downhill is going to be much difficult than this so lets see if I dare to do that.






First Snow Piles of 2016

The ever-changing landscapes are something that fascinates me so much about this place.

It felt like yesterday when I was still appreciating fall colors,

And we got the snow ❄ ❄❄!!

I love surprises like this!

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