Newly learnt art- berry picking

Already,  it is a time to bid good-bye to summer. We see the signs of early autumn due to a dry season. I was happy to have comparatively more sunny days but definitely not a good news for beautiful flora and fauna.

Something we did this year was our long-lasting wish-berry picking!

This was not a good year for strawberries (Jordgubb in Swedish) because of a sudden cold weather in the starting of the season. One can find farms that allows self-plucking on internet or local newspaper. The search keywords can be ‘självplock’, ‘plocka bär’ etc.  But we were late for strawberries by the time we found a farm and plan something 😦

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Midsommer – celebrate with the nature

I wonder how I missed to write about this splendid festival of Sweden. Swedish culture respects and endures the mother nature.

Midsommer‘- Midsummer in English, is celebrated as a symbol of our harmony with the nature and well-being throughout the year.

The thought of celebrating summer itself is alluring to me. Earlier, it was even connected to Christianity and celebrated on 24th June every year. But now it is declared to be on weekends always and I feel that the spirit is more about celebrating the welcoming sunlight and long beautiful days.

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That was a beautiful spring!

When is the best time to visit Sweden? The obvious answer is summer. Well, I would agree partially..

The amazing nature never fails to surprise me. Each season has its own charm with ever changing landscapes. I am lucky this year to be able to go around and explore the distant areas of my city by car. So now I know, how much the colorful spring has to offer.

I was little unsure how my parents would feel here as they were vising us in mid April. would it be sunny and green? Is it going to be okay with little colder temperatures? But we were quite lucky to get around 15 degrees on average and reaching 24 degrees for a day or two.

Starting from lovely cherry blossoms followed by white floral trees (I dunno the names), the city was getting ready to become a floral bride. The wild yellow flowers adding an additional color dimension to the eye-catching lush green landscapes with red country houses. Parks and house gardens were blooming with colorful flowers some of which I didn’t know earlier. The sunny days were like blessings of sunlight coming from the heaven.

And yes, this year we did have an outing to Stockholm kungsträgården for the charming and mesmerizing cherry blossom. We need to pick the perfect week to see the full bloom. A little early is not so perfect and the green leaves starts coming out if we are late.

Soon it will be the peak of summer..beautiful but with more berries and less flowers.

It was indeed a lovely spring !

First Snow Piles of 2016

The ever-changing landscapes are something that fascinates me so much about this place.

It felt like yesterday when I was still appreciating fall colors,

And we got the snow ❄ ❄❄!!

I love surprises like this!

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Sunny Days..

The time has come again to see the most heavenly side of this country !

It is the time when we finally get few lucky days to go out without jackets and I can dress up like I used to do in India 🙂 (only few because it still rains sometimes and do get cold….) I have longed for this for months and can’t be more happy 😀

Just two weeks back, we had some nice sunny days with 25-27 C. Now I have realized the craze of getting ‘tan’ in all these western countries. It feels like you are now back to life, as if those polar bears coming out of their caves.

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Chilling in the Snow ⛄🏂

It has been a while since I wrote here last. Well, I was just collecting amazing experiences and memories to come back with some new ‘chatpati’ stories. Today I would talk little about the actual swedish winter experience this year.

Though we didn’t have white christmas, I have no complains now as we got to see much much of snow and it still continues in February. A person like me, who never got to see snow eariler in life, would certainly get blown away in amazement. Initially it feels so thrilling to see the weather widget on mobile showing 0° C. I remembered my imaginations as child that how the water would instantly turn into ice, just like we always saw on cartoon network 😛

It is always so beautiful to see those snow piles gradually taking shapes on windows, trees, benches and bike seats. That typical sound of walking on fresh snow, tiny snow flakes kissig on my face and suddenly the world gets more illuminated with the reflecting lights. The barren land becomes much more wonderful to live in these dark days.

The sun plays hide-and-seek all the time, dropping the temperature as low as -25° C. And when the mercury goes this much down, we got the chance to see frozen river and even walk over the frozen Mälaren lake. What an exciting thing it was! Many times I was little afraid incase my feet would break the ice and…blah..blah.. Well, small kids doing ice skating effortlessly gave me much relief to continue ahead.

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At the frozen Mälaren

Certainly this is the time for all the unique winter sport for which almost all Sweds are crazy. Ice skating, ice hockey (they don’t actually understand any other type of hockey! ), downhill and cross-country skiing, isbandy to name few. I have not tried any of them for this year. Perhaps all these new environmetal conditions are enough of an adventure for me. But I am sure to attempt atlest one in coming winters.

Everything is not pretty and funny though..

Nothing comes without paying price and so these winters! It has been almost 3 months since we are covering ourselves in those big winter jackets. This is one of the biggest complians I have for this season. It is literally irritating to carry it all the times, almost of the weight of an extra baggage on the shoulders. Very less sunlight for long time many times leads to mood swings and laziness. It is quite common to take vitamin D tablets now. One need to be really active to take care of the skin and hair. However, this is not so big price to pay for this chilling season.

I hope to write more about the winter in north sweden with northen lights and dogsledding if I get a chance to be there soon. Let me chill in Västrås till then.

The First Snow ❄❄❄

It is kind of strange to hear that I have never ever seen the snow. It was difficult to digest for people from European countries. Yet, it is true!

The actual winter starts in December here and usually people hope to have beautiful white christmas. But sometimes there is luck to get little snow in November to get that first feeling.

It was just another day for me but looking at the weather forecast I was anxious to feel the snow on the coming weekend. Also I got a winter jacket just a day before but didn’t wear it that day and BINGO! the soft and wet snow started off in the very morning. The beautiful Västrås Church was just in front of me outside the window with heavenly look. I was running out of my place like a playful child to downstairs, standing almost on the busy road looking up!  I walked all my way back home without so called winter jackets and I think that was the best thing happened to get this special experience.


Nothing comes for free and this too came with much much colder days ahead. It went to freezing -8 C in November itself. Yet the snow is much awaited again to feel more better in these dark winter days. Hope to get it lagom this year!