Midsommer – celebrate with the nature

I wonder how I missed to write about this splendid festival of Sweden. Swedish culture respects and endures the mother nature.

Midsommer‘- Midsummer in English, is celebrated as a symbol of our harmony with the nature and well-being throughout the year.

The thought of celebrating summer itself is alluring to me. Earlier, it was even connected to Christianity and celebrated on 24th June every year. But now it is declared to be on weekends always and I feel that the spirit is more about celebrating the welcoming sunlight and long beautiful days.

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Easter celebrations..PÅSK

Spring is that amazing time of the year when everything seems like coming back to life. It is the time when I start awaiting for cherry-blossom. Long Friday is an another event to look forward that comes with Easter celebrations. Sweden celebrates Påsk as per Gregorian calendar which was yesterday, 16th April this year. It was welcomed by light snow showers and cold wind though..

Påskagg and Påskris are visible everywhere around during the Påsklov (Easter holidays)

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The Swedish Christmas- Julfirande

Another year is about to get over with lights of christmas. As in my earlier post, I was super excited with the first snow in my city. But there is no much snow after that till christmas 😦 However there is so much new and fun to see at this time in Sweden.

Personally I have not celebrated this festival as such. However this year turned out to be different for me and I had Christmas bash too.

Christmas is called ‘Jul’ and from that I learned many new Swedish words for this festival like ‘Julgran'(christmas tee), Jultomte (Santa claus) etc.  Many of the things are similar to other western countries. However I did found some unique aspects here. Things that clicked with me instatnly are ‘Adventsljusstake’, ‘Glögg’ and ‘pepparkakor‘.

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