When Lucia came to my everyday train!

It is a high time in Sweden for Lucia celebration. This Italian saint is much celebrated here on every 13th December. While I gathered and shared short note on Lucia last year, I was yet to experience it. Sweden made it sure that I do get a glimpse of it a bit in advance this year.

Today morning, I was taking my daily train and saw some high-school kids dressed in white for Lucia celebration, running on platform on dark and snowy morning. Little did we know that all the exercise was being done to surprise passengers with on-the-go Lucia celebration on train. This was definitely unique and unexpected! It is usually celebrated in church, at main city square or in schools and offices.

The beautiful music, everyone dressed in white, the Lucia girl with candlelit crown and red sash, the star boy; all were enough to bring smile on people’s face who were starting their day for work.

And of-course, the gingerbread boy in the end with classic pepparkakor 🙂

Read: More about Swedish Christmas https://swedlifestyle.wordpress.com/2015/12/28/the-swedish-christmas-jul-firande/

As I love dummies videos for Swedish traditions, here is one more to share ..


With hope that Lucia will bring more light soon!

photo credit: ChristinaZetterberg


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