Here comes the first Advent..

Advent- which simply means ‘arrival’ is the time when the countdown for Christmas begins.

It starts from the fourth Sunday before Christmas and so today is the first advent.

Here in Sweden, many people were taking out Christmas decorations already from last week.. While the official advent Sunday is today, I already saw beautiful ljusstake (advent lights) and julstjärna (Christmas star) spreading light and creating a cozy environment from few days.

1st December was the day to start ‘adventskalender’. While I wrote more details in my earlier post on Christmas, I missed to mention adventskalender.

It is a tradition to gift an adventskalender which counts days from 1st to 24th December where they open one cover each day and get some gifts.

Sometimes people enjoy opening gifts together as a family.

Thanks to one of my friends who gave me tips about adventskalender that suits people of all ages. Brands and shops like Kicks, Bodyshop, H&M are presenting such gifts that includes accessories and cosmetics for each day. To make it more fun, there are adventskalenders with small lottery games. Many retailers are giving different offers and discounts for each day until 24th December.

We visited the traditional christmas market on this first advent weekend where people were selling handmade craft and food items. The air was filled with tempting smell of roasted almonds, chocolates, glögg (spiced mulled wine) and papparkakor (traditional ginger thins). There were many craft pieces of wood, ceramic and glass along with knitted winter wear. It was held in Valby friluftmuseum in Västerås.

The best part was to taste the warm spicy glögg on a chilly and festive evening!

We already decorated our workplace and now its time to take out our advent lights at home. One thing that is missing is some snow and I hope it comes back soon !




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