Midsommer – celebrate with the nature

I wonder how I missed to write about this splendid festival of Sweden. Swedish culture respects and endures the mother nature.

Midsommer‘- Midsummer in English, is celebrated as a symbol of our harmony with the nature and well-being throughout the year.

The thought of celebrating summer itself is alluring to me. Earlier, it was even connected to Christianity and celebrated on 24th June every year. But now it is declared to be on weekends always and I feel that the spirit is more about celebrating the welcoming sunlight and long beautiful days.

Many non-swedes do not buy the idea of this festival. This is due to the zombie-like dance on ‘små grodorna’, too Swedish food with boiled potato and sill, not having a country side red house etc. While some are just happy to get a long weekend without bothering the local traditions.

However, I love to have the midsommerkrans- the flower wreath on my head and look like a princess for a day! Last year I even made the crown on the spot and that was fun. Jumping around a maypole and dancing feels a bit stupid but why not to be insane for a moment ? I do not have a countryside house or my all family here. But, that us not an excuse to not to celebrate the festival. We just go to the nearby public where the celebration is open for all.


This festival comes even with some mysterious believes. The single people pick 7 or 9 type of flowers on their way back and keep it under the pillow. It is believed that the their partner will appear in the dreams.

It is supposed to be the longest and warmest day of the year. And it will never be like that! History reveals that most of the midsummer days are hovered with dark clouds, just about to rain. Never mind, that should not stop you ever. In Sweden, there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

I think I am going to take chance to celebrate it every possible year.

This video will give a good highlight on this festival:

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies from Sweden on Vimeo.


some more reference links:





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