Easter celebrations..PÅSK

Spring is that amazing time of the year when everything seems like coming back to life. It is the time when I start awaiting for cherry-blossom. Long Friday is an another event to look forward that comes with Easter celebrations. Sweden celebrates Påsk as per Gregorian calendar which was yesterday, 16th April this year. It was welcomed by light snow showers and cold wind though..

Påskagg and Påskris are visible everywhere around during the Påsklov (Easter holidays)

It is a family time to celebrate together and super fun for children. They paint eggs and enjoy during egg hunting tradition. Many shops are selling decorated egg shaped cartons which can be used to fill with chocolates and candies.


Påskris or Easter twigs are very typical about Swedish Easter. They are the branches of the birch tree, decorated by bright colored feathers and sometimes colored eggs. You can see them at almost every house and shops. Not very sure about its exact meaning. Perhaps it represents the event of resurrection of life from dead, just an assumption.

There are also stories about a tradition where girls are dressed as witches and boys as old men in Easter. I have not seen that in my city yet. I will have to confirm that by vising country side celebration sometime.

Awaiting for flowers blossoms now…





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