Sliding on the snow..just begun

I have been boasting about winter fun in Sweden mostly in terms of beautiful nature and festive activities. But now it was the time to try something more than that to get the real feel of snow.

‘Åka skidor’ – this term was something I learned quite early as a result of it popularity as an iconic and expensive sport.

Skiing is definitely has never been in my bucket list until 2016. The interest was built up after listening to the stories of  first skiing experience of my guy; and boosted by doing-nothing-in-dark-days mode.

While I was watching training videos of down-hill skiing, I happened to try Cross-country skiing first. It was easy to rent ski props but kind of funny to carry them in local city bus..haha. while carrying them to tracks, it was like Jerry is stealing Tom’s skateboards.

The first challenge was to stop getting mini panic attacks when the skies are sliding more than expected length. I tried primary technique of cross-country and could get hold on it after doing some 1.5 km. Not to forget that falling down on slope was usual initially, as it was hard to understand if your skies are in parallel positions on uneven surfaces. Experience became more fun in the second round. Big thanks to my partner who made me learn this, though he himself is learning yet.


Weather plays a vital role so it is important to go there after fresh snow, when the tracks are not icy for the first experience.

It gives immense satisfaction for trying something that gives an opportunity to be one with nature. Downhill is going to be much difficult than this so lets see if I dare to do that.







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