First Snow Piles of 2016

The ever-changing landscapes are something that fascinates me so much about this place.

It felt like yesterday when I was still appreciating fall colors,

And we got the snow ❄ ❄❄!!

I love surprises like this!

Can’t believe that it has been already about 11 months since I had the first snow of my life 🙂

It wipes off the negativity of darkness that comes with cloudy, windy and cold days. The land is so much joyous with sparkling frost.

My artistic soul likes to observe the tiny details and patterns that is created on all natural and man-made objects out in the open space. I am not a professional photographer and I don’t try to be. However, just sharing few of them that I have clicked during my first snow-walk of this season.

I will be adding more pictures to this gallery in coming days!! Stay tuned…






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