Being Indian 🇮🇳

Crossing seven oceans for prosperity and new life has never been unusual element for we, Indians. You name it and we have some Indian acquaintance living in that land. However, there are places where we have not taken the full hold of the land, and Sweden is one of them. we still have a handful of us but we don’t have Indian, especially Gujju colonies like USA, Canada and Australia.

And so I am a proud brand ambassador of my country, talking all from food to traffic to my curious friends and colleagues.

I think Indian food wins the race among all where everyone knows Nan-bread and Paneer Tikka Masala. I have seen many people interested in knowing about spices and I love to show-off Masala collection when they visit my home 🙂 But I still hope that someday they will figure the power of our local dishes from different regions, street foods, sweets and know that we know much more than spices as well !!

Then comes the infamous traffic talk. All the people who have been to Mumbai and Bangalore would definitely mention this to me without fail. This is one of the toughest task as brand ambassador 🙈 The only thing I can do is to call ourselves ‘skilled drivers’ and find an escape route.

When it comes to work life, we are seen as sincere and hard-working people. However, the high attrition rate in India due to competition and hierarchical organization looks frustrating to foreign customers. I have been answering for these for couple of time, why do we change the jobs so fast. Nevertheless, I am trying to set a best example by my work as many of my fellow Indians have already done well. Kudos to them!

Yoga and spiritual practices are something that need no introduction.

By now, I have seen few people who know much more about Yoga than I do. Meditation and spiritual knowledge from our country is highly respected, as it is worldwide.

It drives people crazy when they get to know more and more about a diverse rich culture and a big pool of different languages. And they see it strange when a North Indian guy meets a South Indian and they start talking in English! Now, it again gives me a hard time to explain the whole scenario..haha 😃

I hope to keep doing my job truthfully in coming years…Wish me luck guys 🍀🍀🍀








2 thoughts on “Being Indian 🇮🇳

  1. Are there many Indian restaurants where you live in Sweden?


    1. There are already 4 of them in my little city 🙂

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