Sunny Days..

The time has come again to see the most heavenly side of this country !

It is the time when we finally get few lucky days to go out without jackets and I can dress up like I used to do in India 🙂 (only few because it still rains sometimes and do get cold….) I have longed for this for months and can’t be more happy 😀

Just two weeks back, we had some nice sunny days with 25-27 C. Now I have realized the craze of getting ‘tan’ in all these western countries. It feels like you are now back to life, as if those polar bears coming out of their caves.

Last month in May, got to see the spring in Sweden, when slowly life begins and the land gets converted to the green belt. How to forget all the colorful flowers like tulips, poppies and Gerbera blooming all around !

Those pink, red, orange and white color trees were a thing of fantasy that I only got to see in paintings and photographs. I can’t describe the feeling of joy when I saw them with my own eyes, especially because I am an artistic soul who loves colors and nature.

Again, we need to set our mind with changing time of sunrise and sunset, but for a better reason this time 😉 I couldn’t believe when my eyes got blind with the strong sun-rays coming on my face when I am cooking at 8 pm in my kitchen.

So, the actual night never happens in Sweden during the peak summer. It just goes by twilight phase and the sun rises again.

Grilling, cycling, playing golf and sunbathing are the major activities. One unique thing about this place is the one full month vacation that many take during summer. The labor law allows employees to take 25 days continuous leaves and people use them specially in July month.

‘Midsommer’ is the festival that is generally celebrated at the end of June month. There are many other outdoor celebrations like food markets, city festivals, sport events that happens in this period. A special and big event called Powermeet happens in my city Västerås where people gather and exhibit their collection of old American cars.

All these years I used to dislike summer except the fact that got to eat lovely mangoes back in my country. But now this beautiful summer is changing my perspective and I am paying high price of not being able to eat Indian mangoes for this!

This is my first summer here and I am sure to get a big smile on my face whenever I will re-read this post again in my life 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sunny Days..

  1. Beautiful pictures! I hope you enjoy Midsommar. I’ve never celebrated it but I hope to someday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karishma Desai June 20, 2016 — 8:03 am

    Thank you Halee 🙂 I will go out and see how the celebration goes here. Hope you get to enjoy this year!


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