Chilling in the Snow ⛄🏂

It has been a while since I wrote here last. Well, I was just collecting amazing experiences and memories to come back with some new ‘chatpati’ stories. Today I would talk little about the actual swedish winter experience this year.

Though we didn’t have white christmas, I have no complains now as we got to see much much of snow and it still continues in February. A person like me, who never got to see snow eariler in life, would certainly get blown away in amazement. Initially it feels so thrilling to see the weather widget on mobile showing 0° C. I remembered my imaginations as child that how the water would instantly turn into ice, just like we always saw on cartoon network 😛

It is always so beautiful to see those snow piles gradually taking shapes on windows, trees, benches and bike seats. That typical sound of walking on fresh snow, tiny snow flakes kissig on my face and suddenly the world gets more illuminated with the reflecting lights. The barren land becomes much more wonderful to live in these dark days.

The sun plays hide-and-seek all the time, dropping the temperature as low as -25° C. And when the mercury goes this much down, we got the chance to see frozen river and even walk over the frozen Mälaren lake. What an exciting thing it was! Many times I was little afraid incase my feet would break the ice and…blah..blah.. Well, small kids doing ice skating effortlessly gave me much relief to continue ahead.

Read More Skating track on Lake Mälaren

At the frozen Mälaren

Certainly this is the time for all the unique winter sport for which almost all Sweds are crazy. Ice skating, ice hockey (they don’t actually understand any other type of hockey! ), downhill and cross-country skiing, isbandy to name few. I have not tried any of them for this year. Perhaps all these new environmetal conditions are enough of an adventure for me. But I am sure to attempt atlest one in coming winters.

Everything is not pretty and funny though..

Nothing comes without paying price and so these winters! It has been almost 3 months since we are covering ourselves in those big winter jackets. This is one of the biggest complians I have for this season. It is literally irritating to carry it all the times, almost of the weight of an extra baggage on the shoulders. Very less sunlight for long time many times leads to mood swings and laziness. It is quite common to take vitamin D tablets now. One need to be really active to take care of the skin and hair. However, this is not so big price to pay for this chilling season.

I hope to write more about the winter in north sweden with northen lights and dogsledding if I get a chance to be there soon. Let me chill in Västrås till then.


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