The First Snow ❄❄❄

It is kind of strange to hear that I have never ever seen the snow. It was difficult to digest for people from European countries. Yet, it is true!

The actual winter starts in December here and usually people hope to have beautiful white christmas. But sometimes there is luck to get little snow in November to get that first feeling.

It was just another day for me but looking at the weather forecast I was anxious to feel the snow on the coming weekend. Also I got a winter jacket just a day before but didn’t wear it that day and BINGO! the soft and wet snow started off in the very morning. The beautiful Västrås Church was just in front of me outside the window with heavenly look. I was running out of my place like a playful child to downstairs, standing almost on the busy road looking up!  I walked all my way back home without so called winter jackets and I think that was the best thing happened to get this special experience.


Nothing comes for free and this too came with much much colder days ahead. It went to freezing -8 C in November itself. Yet the snow is much awaited again to feel more better in these dark winter days. Hope to get it lagom this year!



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