Getting into Swedish House

When a person moves to a new country, one of the biggest change that affects one’s lifestyle is the housing style. Naturally because that’s the first thing that one has to deal with.
When I came to Sweden, the accommodation pattern was way different to what I was used to back in my country. Starting from dealing with yellow lights like hotels, day by day I am observing  a new way of managing the apartment.

Now in my mind, I need to replace the Air conditioners with heaters and obviously it is a permanent good bye to ceiling fans. The yellow lights and lamps look so depressing initially. However, I think slowly I might get used to it. The two pin plugs without switches are kind of comfort.

Another great thing was to get drinking water directly from the tap for 24 hr, hot and cold! Never had that water-luxury ever in life 😜

Coming to the furnishings, I can understand that here furnishing your house in Sweden only means choosing which  IKEA product will be better than another IKEA one. It is Sweden’s very own company and as we all know how efficiently they provide wide range of furniture in good price. However, getting everything in boxes and assembling our bed,sofa,shelves etc on our own is going to be my first time experience.

I am liking the idea of having decorative lights and lamps in all the major corners. It gives a very elegant feel to the house.

It is a common practice to have lamps near windows, I think this has been practiced to give more light and set up a good feel during those dark days of winters.

Another beautiful thing is to have those little flower baskets hanging outside galleries and roadside cafe lines. I just love it so much and eager to get one when I finally settle down in my own house.

Being a developed country, we do not generally see major differences in housing style of apartments as all the basic needs are standardized. Sometimes it gets little monotonous to see almost all the apartments and houses look same. However, there are exceptions where some creative people do have made their home in a very unique and stylish way.


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