Stockholm Outing (Part-I)

The very first thing you should do after reaching Sweden is , of-course to visit the capital city Stockholm. Also, largely known as the capital of Scandinavia.

So one fine morning in August, we happened to start ahead towards Stockholm- just 1.5 hr train journey from my city Västerås.  We took the morning train and came back by the evening one. This was the best way to get the first overview of the city. Returning back in the evening was decided because most of the attractions close down by 5 pm.

The train ride was quite comfortable having very less passengers due to the weekend. It was a beautiful bright sunny day and we got to see fine country side landscapes during the journey.

After getting down, it was easy to find tourist information desk at the central station. Among many SL ticket options including the city travel card, we chose to go with ‘pay as you go’ access card. The reason was we wanted to cover the nearby areas by walking only and get the feel of this city.

Ericsson Globe

For the Amazing SkyView of Stockholm

After walking around some nearby places of the city, we took metro for Globe, the nearest metro station to Ericsson Globe. I think we made a correct decision to choose this as our first destination. Why?? Because this is best choice to view the city skyline in a quick yet most unique way!


It is the largest hemisphere structure in the world and a vibrant arena. They took us at the top of the hemisphere by specially designed lifts and that was the best part. At the top we could see all the elegant Scandinavian architectures including old town, the royal palace, bridges and Cathedral.
I was so amazed with this place that I even took a cute Globen souvenir.

The Royal Palace

The next step was to get acquainted with the royal history. Stockholm royal palace is nearby gamla stan station. Guided tour was included in entry fees.

Unlike typical palace visit, here we can also visit treasury and royal crowns. There was also a nice slide show informing about the palace burning history.


One can also take time and split the visit in 2-3 days as the entry ticket was valid till 5 days. This visit lasted for 3-4 long hours.

Do not miss the royal change of guards ceremony.

The timings are available on royal palace website.

Around Old Town and more

We also passed by the Old Town streets. It had those narrow streets, roadside cafes with floral basket decorations, delicious smell of cookies and pastries; the actual feeling of old Europe town.

There are many more things that Stockholm has to offer. However most of the attractions close down by  5 pm. One day was not enough for us to cover all. We passed by some main bridges of the city and Cathedral by foot and got some beautiful clicks.

I will be writing more about Stockholm once I get a chance to go there again.

Stay tuned 🙂


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