Luxury of Bikes

How about living in a city that has clearly distinguished paths for cycle riders?

 You go out and see that there are only two type of private vehicles on the road – cycles and cars! This is was really a unique thing for me. After looking at so many bikes all around the city, I was super excited to get one for myself from the very first day 🙂

Buying a brand new good quality bike is going to be an expensive affair if someone is starting life here from scratch. It is again a better idea to try hands on used bike to see what are your daily needs, before buying a new one.

Also, I found that the style and break operation were different from the one I used in India. Here it takes little efforts to get used to the coaster breaks (foot breaks).

Buying a used bike in Sweden

So ultimately I started searching for used bikes. Of course, the best website is for any small to big thing is blocket. Go to the cykel section, select your county and you will find all the adverts of used bikes. The another best way to get used bikes in dirt cheap price is through police auctions. Keep checking Effecta AB  website where polisen bikes come for auction. We got my husband’s bike from there just for 550 SEK in a good condition.

Monark & Crescent are most used brands and known for quality bikes

Save yourself from bike stealing affairs

Bikes are always very high in demand. So unfortunately, bike stealing is a favorite business of local thieves. And why not? It is very easy for them to sell it in the booming second sell market. So you have to be very careful while buying a used bike. Follow all the instructions of blocket- checking identity of the user, checking frame number (ramnummer), details of specifications , original receipt etc. Also you must have to lock it properly every single time.

Buying a new bike

Well, I do not have much experience yet to write about this. One common thing is to check frame size and wheel size that fits the riders height and posture. There are many size charts available online to check this. Based on the need, one can go for city bikes, hyrid bikes or mountain bikes to name the basic types.

However I discovered few shop names nearby my city, Västerås.

Online shopping sites:

Using bike in everyday commute is really fun and great for health considering the summer weather in Sweden. My white Monark is giving me goose bumps everyday and now I can eat all the chocolates, pizza and pastries without thinking about calories 😀


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