vad ska vi äta?? Foodies Time

This time I will be writing the experiences related to my initial days in grocery shopping. This topic sounds strange, I know, but as this blog itself is ‘from an eye of an Indian Expat’; I have to write this to help some foodies like me 🙂
All the shops contains product details in Swedish only. Hence ,from my very first visit to the nearest ICA shop till today, guessing the product & google translation has been a continuous process. I was beaming with happiness when I saw full stack of nuts and chocolates being sold by weight. They were going to be my regular items in shopping list.
Lets go to the Vegetables. Well, the size of cabbage, cauliflowers and onions were just too big to be true. There were number of leafy vegetables and the only one I could make out was spinach 😛
Being a vegetarian in Sweden made me feel like an alien. That is the reason I was just getting happy to almost all basic vegetables available there.
Sweden is a paradise for those who love milk products. Like other countries, here also there are number of types for cheese in quite big packing in all the grocery stores. There are also many options of Yogurt in basic and flavored ones. The one thing I am missing here is Curd and I don’t think we can find it here anywhere. The Paneer/Cottage Cheese is also there known as ‘Keso’. There is a special product we tried named ‘Filmjölk’- a Nordic dairy product that goes well with muesli.
There has to be a special mention of a baking Swedish baking product called Kanelbullar, the cinnamon buns, they are must to try and super yummy!

One different and little strange thing I noticed that many of Swedish products are packed in tubes. Those include different sauces, tomato puree, mayonnaise etc. In-fact, the I really appreciate the creative approach they have in food packaging. Most of the products are packed in a way that you can directly use them easily from the package itself.
Coming to Indian spices and other cooking ingredients, Stockholm has many Indian Shops where you can get almost all spices and Indian food products. Kista Grissen, Taj Mahal are to name few. In Västrås, the Sahand Super Market is the life line for Asian people. The Indian Basmati Rice, Whole wheat flour, Lentils, Gram Flour etc are exclusively available there along with many other products. To our surprise, we also found a ready to eat Pani-Puri pack 🙂 There is another some Irani shop before Sahand shop where I usually go just to get green chillies. Also thats the only place where I saw canned packages of Ghee.
Some Indian Dishes ingredient that I coud not found yet:

Poha, Semolina/Rava, Tea (only tea patti available), jagery, curry leavesNote:
*It is import to note that if you need pressure cooker for cooking then you must bring it as the possibilities of getting it in Sweden is rare.

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