Around the City

It is the time to just go out and see where I will be spending the coming years of my life. When I stepped out from the cozy apartment, the day was still bright. The sun was still shining up in the sky even at 6 pm and it felt as if the nature was just playing tricks with us.
The very first crossing seemed to be at the heart of the city, the ‘Times Square’ of  Västrås. It is the First Hotel Plaza, the tallest building of this town.  The fountains at the square was making the scene livewhen everything around seemed so silent. After staying in a country with 1.2 billion people, this place was just too quite and too different.

There is small river Svartån flowing crossing the city center towards lake side, diving the area in 3/4 part. There is an iconic Västrås Cathedral near the river.
Also we visited the famous lake of Västrås, Lake Mälaren, one of the largest lakes in Sweden. It was serene and beautiful with so many ferry boats and cruse anchored at the shore. It was 9 pm by then, the red-orange sky after sunset made the sight even more perfect.
The major shops and markets are inside the ring road, mainly around Stora Gatan, Vasagatan, Kopparbergsvägen, smedjegatan etc.

Also I visited the grocery and that was again a new experience. Seems I will have to take it in a different post.


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